Grant Writing


The Specialty Court Resource Center (SCRC) was afforded the opportunity to work with the National Drug Court Resource Center (NDCRC) to create a grant writing webinar and checklist specific to the RFP sent out by the Criminal Justice Division, Office of The Governor.


This webinar and checklist will be extremely beneficial to specialty courts who apply annually for CJD grants to financially support your programs, and for courts that plan on submitting applications for the first time.


Stipend Reimbursement Information

2023 NADCP Conference

The Specialty Court Resource Center, on behalf of all Texas specialty courts, has received grant funding from the Criminal Justice Division (CJD), Office of the Governor, for specialized court training. The training opportunities covered by this grant are for the 2023 National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) Conference in Houston, Texas, June 26-29, 2023. Opportunities for members of your court team to attend this top-notch training are available as described below.


The grant will cover training expenses for approximately 200 participants, not to exceed $1,375 per participant, to attend the 2023 NADCP Conference.


More information about grant requirements and eligibility can be found below in the Grant Guideline and Instructions.


If you have any questions, please email

In order to be eligible for these training stipends, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The specialty court must meet the essential characteristics of your respected court type as listed in the Texas Government Code, Chapter 123)
  2. The court must have registered with the Office of Court Administration pursuant to Texas Government Code, Chapter 121, by the date of this notice.
  3. Individuals selected to receive stipends must commit to attending the training sessions offered and to holding a meeting with members of the court team upon their return to discuss the material covered at the training.
  4. Individuals selected to receive stipends must attend the Texas Association of Specialty Courts membership meeting during the TASC Conference.
  5. Individuals selected to receive stipends must attend the maximum amount of course hours offered at the TASC Conference and be able to verify attendance (conference certificate).
  6. The individual units of government or the individuals selected must commit to covering any additional costs not covered by the training stipends.
  7. Priority funding will be given for at least one member from each eligible court tthat applies to receive a stipend to attend the TASC Conference, upon approval from the Office of the Governor, CJD. You may submit the names of all the court team members you would like to be considered for a stipend.
  8. Additional stipends to each operational court (or to courts in the planning phases) will be subject to the availability of funds and approval of the Office of the Governor, CJD.
  9. Recipients of training stipends must comply with specific policies by the Office of the Governor, CJD and SHSU in regards to travel; and any other applicable policies adhering to the respective per diem rates. Reimbursement for meals will be at actual costs UP TO the state per diem rate for the location of the training conference.
  10. Itemized meal receipts ARE REQUIRED for reimbursement by Sam Houston State University. Reimbursements will no longer be made for meals without an itemized receipt. If a tip is added, both the itemized receipt and final signed credit card receipt detailing the tip amount will be required.
  11. Grantees funded by CJD for the grant period beginning September 1, 2021 must use in state grant funds to cover attendance at the conference. Stipends will be considered for individuals in excess of the number that can be funded from the in state grant funds received from CJD.